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I have been a full time wedding photographer for 9 years (2013) I have been a photographer as long as I can remember! whilst at school the small windowless guest bathroom was my photography dark room, where I would develop my own black & white films. Learning the photography skills in a pre-digital era is certainly the way to acquire a skill!. I worked in a camera shop in Bath whilst I was a student at Bath College. Later I studied Communication & Media Studies Nottingham Trent University.

Prior to my photographic career, I worked in Charity Fundraising & Events for a number of charities in London including MAG (landline campaign charity) and The British Brain and Spine Foundation. Later moving back SW to Bristol as the Fundraising and Event Manager for what is now The Terrance Higgins Trust (SW) . (I can relate to the challenge and trials that present themselves organising a great event!)

I worked for 4 years as a public speaking coach and trainer. Working with over 800 individuals throughout the UK, notably in Bristol, London Regents College and Bath Spa University. In these workshops I learned the essential skills of assisting people to feel comfortable in front of a camera (I used to video each person with a large s-VHS camera, so they would be able to witness and experience 'what we had seen') Assisting attendees to 'find their voice' and to feel comfortable in front of a group, aware of the fine line between nervousness and excitement!. (I can certainly empathise to the daunting prospect of the after Dinner "Speeches!")

I became skilled at using the camera in a non intrusive way. A skill that is invaluable as a wedding photographer!. You can be sure that I wont add to any stress on your wedding day with my camera or acting insensitively!
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I believe I am quite different from the 'average' wedding photographer (who may be an aspiring sports or wildlife photographer, for whom the weddings are their 'bread and butter' - I choose weddings as the area of my expertise and speciality! I enjoy the atmosphere, the excitement and the emotion of weddings! I thrive on the thrill and the challenge - for wedding photography is one of the most demanding styles of photography there is - incorporating creative, abstract, architectural, portrait photography and natural reportage, documentary style coverage as well as group shot orchestration and coordination. A photographer who is happy to undertake all of these is rare and is a wedding photographer. Wedding photography requires working in low light with incredible tight time restraints and alongside other wedding officials - whilst working without a pause, rewind or report button!

For me (and for the 250ish couples i've photographed so far) -it is the way i approach a wedding that is of paramount importance! - my efforts to create and capture these moments and photographic memories, to capture the emotion, the spirit and the energy of (what 99% of weddings deliver) - a joyous celebration!.

The manner of approach, the sensitivity and the awareness of the events and proceedings as they unfold before us is vital. Working the fine balance of non invasive, yet also respectfully facilitating the 'must have' wedding memories.

I pride myself in the feedback that I receive, My wedding
Testimonials page contains many of the letters and feedback that I have received. It is a sheer privilege to share and to photographs a couples wedding day. A responsibility that I take very seriously and undertake conscientiously!

I have been a professional photographer - dedicated to wedding photography for the last 9 years. I have the experience of photographing over 25s0 booked weddings

Making people feel comfortable in order to 'bring the best out of them' is a real art and an essential skill in order to be a successful wedding photographer. Many of the wedding couples who I photograph claim to be 'camera shy' This very common sentiment translates as they don't feel comfortable in front of the camera or that fear that they do not like how they look in photographs - both need not be an issue, if you are hiring a professional photographer and a person who you feel comfortable sharing your day with!

I work as a full time wedding photographer, based in Bath (Somerset - England) I undertake around 30 weddings a year. During the busy wedding season (May - November) I limit these to a maximum of 2 per week, which is essential, if I am to remain flexible with each wedding couples plans, as well as having time to meet with couples at the venue prior to their wedding day and later to prepare and enhancing all of the wedding couple's images.
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I enjoy the challenge of photographing creative photography. Assisted enormously by my photographic equipment, I enjoy being able to document 'what the eye doesn't see'

Having been a photographer for so long, i was able to procure myself a website for this purpose (alas neglected since my popularity and demand in the wedding field has grown) details some of these creative works.
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I have a passion for travel. I have been fortunate to vist 39 countries in my 41 years. My camera is my companion.
In recent years I have been privileged to photograph over 50 weddings abroad.

'Recent' travels in India for 3 months (and New Zealand for 2x 3 months) has given me more images than I can manage!
I travel with a wide range of lens from 12mm to 1100mm.

When I travel it provides me the opportunity for creativity and to document what I see and behold. It is indeed simple to be a travel photographer - as each day we are forced to see things anew in the context of a different culture, different country with its traditions, landscape and wildlife, a new experience enables us to behold things afresh - perfect for photography!.

I am currently compiling a gallery of photographs from India and Cambodia for a charity fund raising venture for a collection of charities that I feel passionate about (Sight Savers, Land-mines, and Leporasy)